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Who is Alex Bozinovski?

Alex Bozinovski, born on December 19, 1995, is a celebrity bodybuilder. He has competed in the Nation Physique Committee as an amateur.

Also, he has worked as an online trainer and has his own company BozFit.

He is renowned for his workout plans and bodybuilding process without the use of any drugs and steroids.

People love his muscular and fit physique, his handsome face, and his cute smile.

Not only that, Alex is quite famous on social media platforms too. He currently has over 570K followers on his official Instagram account.

On TikTok, Alex has over 80.7K followers as of 2024. Also, he has his own self-titled YouTube Channel.

Today we will be getting into Alex Bozinovski’s age, height, relationship, career, net worth, and even more.

Alex Bozinovski [2024 Wiki] Age, Height, Relationship, Career, Net Worth and Full Bio - Star Two (1)

Quick Biography

Real NameAlex Bozinovski
Nick NameAlex
Date of BirthDecember 19, 1995
Birth PlaceUnited States
Age25 years old
Birth SignSagittarius
Height (approx.)5’8 or 177 cm
Weight (approx.)75 kg or 165 pounds
Hair ColorLight Brown
Eye ColorBrown
Net Worth$1.4 million

Early Life

Where was Alex Bozinovski born?Alex Bozinovski was born in Michigan, United States of America.

He has been weightlifting since he was very young as some of his relatives were into the same business.

It eventually inspired him to follow the same path and pursue a career in it.

Regarding his education, he went to Michigan State University with his current girlfriend Alice Rebecca Klomp.

Alex graduated from the Eli Broad School of Business at Michigan State University with a degree in Logistics, Materials, and Supply Chain Management.

Bozinovski has represented his college in many bodybuilding competitions.

He has also competed in Amateur bodybuilding championships too.

Now, let’s know about Alex Bozinovski’s beginning of his career and the achievements he has made so far.


What is Alex Bozinovski famous for?Alex Bozinovski is a celebrity bodybuilder and social media star.

He has participated in the National Physique Committee as an amateur.

However, he didn’t get any proper recognition through bodybuilding professionals as well as amateur competitions.

So, Alex started to train and train others on his own.

You can find many videos regarding bodybuilding and training on his YouTube channel.

Alex is very active on Instagram, he shares his training pictures and videos there too.

As he couldn’t find any luck in bodybuilding competitions, he has been using his talent to work on himself.

Plus, he has been training other new bodybuilders and his customers.

He started his YouTube channel in 2013. Alex has started posting videos of bodybuilding and training tips since 2016.

His most viewed video on his channel is Insane Chinese Cupping experience, With the Aftermath! which currently has over 3.9 million views.

Besides YouTube, Alex is a well-known celebrity on Instagram and TikTok too.

Bozinovski is active on Instagram. Currently, he has over 570K followers on Instagram.

His account is filled with posts of his weightlifting and training videos and photos in the gym.

Mostly, he shares the things that need to be followed and avoided when training for bodybuilders.

Talking about his TikTok account, he posts his training and lifting videos of the gym there.

As of 2024, he has over 80.7K followers on TikTok with a total of over 506K likes on his videos.

Also, he is an online trainer and owns a fitness company BozFit where he provides fitness planning to his customers.

Not only that he has partnered with MYPROTEIN too and has launched his protein collection.

Now, let’s take a look at his details.

Alex Bozinovski [2024 Wiki] Age, Height, Relationship, Career, Net Worth and Full Bio - Star Two (2)

Personal Information

How tall is Alex Bozinovski?Alex Bozinovski stands at a height of 5 feet 5 inches or 177 cm. He weighs about 75 kg or 165 pounds.

His Zodiac sign is Sagittarius. He has light brown hair and brown colored eyes.

He’s an American for his nationality and belongs to the white ethnicity.

There’s no information regarding his religion. Alex’s hobbies are walking, fishing, biking, mainly anything outdoors.

Besides that, he’s always seen training and lifting in gyms.


Who is the girlfriend of Alex Bozinovski?Alex Bozinovski is currently in a relationship with his fellow bodybuilder Alice Rebecca Klomp.

Alice is also a famous bodybuilder and social media star with over 1.5 million followers on Instagram.

She also has her fitness app named PINEAPPLEBRAT FITNESS APP.

It is known that the couple has been dating since their college days.

Alex and Alice haven’t revealed anything about their marriage and baby plans yet.

We will be updating you as soon as we get any details about it.

You can see lots of pictures of them being all cozy and romantic on their respective Instagram accounts.

Other than the one with Alice, there’s no information about Alex’s past relationships.

Alex Bozinovski [2024 Wiki] Age, Height, Relationship, Career, Net Worth and Full Bio - Star Two (3)

Alex Bozinovski Family

Who are Alex Bozinovski’s parents?Alex Bozinovski is very private about his life and family and has not revealed anything about his parents till now.

It is well known that he was born to his Macedonian parents and he grew up in Michigan, the USA with them.

But there are no details about their current residence, names, or anything related to their profession.

Alex did mention that his family members worked in the fitness and training industry.

He said that it got him inspired to become a bodybuilder.

Also, there’s no information about Alex’s siblings. As a result, we can assume that he could be his parents’ only child.

Alex Bozinovski Net Worth

What is the net worth of Alex Bozinovski?Alex Bozinovski is a famous bodybuilder, Instagram star, and YouTuber.

He earns a majority of his income from his bodybuilding career, social media sponsorships, brand deals.

Also, he works as an online trainer too and owns his online fitness app Bozfit.

Mostly, he provides fitness plans and workout tips to his customers.

Also, he helps them with training and workouts and sells supplements to people.

Hence, Alex must have earned quite a fortune from his career so far.

As of 2024, his net worth is estimated to be $1.4 million approximately.

Let’s know some of the unknown facts about Alex Bozinovski.

Alex Bozinovski [2024 Wiki] Age, Height, Relationship, Career, Net Worth and Full Bio - Star Two (4)

Alex Bozinovski Trivia

  • Alex Bozinovski was born in Michigan, USA.
  • He competed in National Physique Committee as an amateur.
  • He claims to be a 100% natural bodybuilder.
  • Alex is a celebrity bodybuilder and Instagram star too.
  • On his YouTube Channel, he has over 10.6K subscribers.
  • Alex is dating his fellow bodybuilder and Instagram model Alice Klomp.
  • As of 2024, his net worth is estimated to be $1.4 million.
  • Know aboutJeff Nippard who is also a YouTube star and bodybuilder.


Why is Alex Bozinovski famous?

He is well known as a celebrity bodybuilder and Instagram star too.

How many children does he have?

He is not married as for the present and doesn’t have any kids right now.

How old is Alex Bozinovski?

As of 2024, he is 25 years old.


Check out the latest video of Alex Bozinovski from his YouTube channel down below:

Image Credit:@alexbozinovski Instagram

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