Alex Bozinovski Dating, Girlfriend, Net Worth, Earnings, Facts, Wiki-Bio (2024)

Reigning as a fitness model and an online fitness coach, Alex Bozinovski came to fame with his insane workout drills and shredded physique.

With such a physique, anyone can become his fan, right? Well, if that’s the case, he must have a plethora of fans. And, within those, one might be his partner! Let’s look deeply if that’s really the case.

Alex Bozinovski’s Personal Life

The fitness coach Alex Bozinovski is currently in a dating relationship with his lover. But, who is the lucky girl?

Current Relationships

Well, at the moment, Alex is romantically involved with his girlfriend Alice Klomp AKA Pineapplebrat. The duo’s together for over two years now as they started their intimate affair since March 2017.

The couple’s love story began since their first meeting at the Michigan State University. Their shared love for fitness might have fueled the pair’s love life.

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Recently on Valentine’s Day of 2019, Alex took to his Instagram to wish his partner a happy Valentine’s Day. He joked that his love for Pineapplebrat is like diarrhea, which he can’t hold in. The post!

Following the Valentine’s Day, on March 19, 2019, his beau Pineapplebrat wished Alex a happy second anniversary. She revealed that their lives hadn’t been the same ever since they met.

Well, the duo’s breakup rumors are nowhere to be heard of. Not only that, but their wedding date might also be far-flung. Let’s hope the partners marry soon enough.

Alex Bozinovski’s Net Worth

We can all tell by the man’s looks what his profession is, can’t we? Well, not for all but, Alex Bozinovski’s buffed body tells us what his career is. His career as a fitness model sure earns him a ton of cash. But how much?

Net Worth and Earnings

The model Alex Bozinovski’s net worth is estimated at around $1.4 million as of 2019. He made his worth from, not only his career as a model but also as an online fitness coach and an entrepreneur.

Usually, a fitness model earns around $58 thousand to $78 thousand. Since he is a top-tier model, he might earn cash in the upper range, $78 thousand. He earns his worth from different modeling gis, but most of all, his collaboration with Vqfit earned him some decent green bills.

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Alex, similarly, is also an online fitness coach and the owner of BozFit Organization. As an online coach, he earns as much as $2,333 per month while annually, he makes around $28 thousand.

YouTube: Legs Workout Alex Bozinovski

BozFit customizes online training and nutritional plans for people’s goals. A Summer Shred Plan costs around $11.99 weekly. Similarly, another one of his plans the Lean Bulk Plan also costs $11.99 per week.

The online fitness coach, besides his incomes from modeling and coaching, also generates revenue from his Instagram. For per ads post on his IG, he makes around $889 to $1482.

Partner Pineapplebrat’s Net Worth and Earnings

Alex’s partner, Pineapplebrat, is also a fitness model and coach. She has an estimated $200 thousand as her total fortune.

View this post on Instagram

Today at the gym as I was finishing my last few workouts, I realized I really haven’t been pushing myself. • I did 4 sets of 10 reps of 130 lbs on the leg extension— which I hadn’t done in a while— then did a drop set each set. The whole time I was questioning why I previously chose to use 70 lbs or less for my sets on the leg extension and had been half assing my workouts. • For the past few months, I’ve been going through the motions— my split not working out, taking more breaks, saying it’s fine I haven’t lifted because I at least did cardio, have been cutting my sets short, not pushing through the last few reps, seeing that I’ve been lifting for an hour and going home even if my workout wasn’t complete. . • Today that changes. I wrote down plans for my new split that will begin when I walk into the gym. I’m going to start writing my workouts in my notes app before going— like I used to— I’m going to push through the hard reps. I’m going to try to look for the previous inspiration I had that pushed me to be my best.

A post shared by Alice (@pineapplebrat) on

Alice makes her worth from her career as a YouTuber and a model. She earns around $2.2 thousand to $3.6 thousand per ads post on Instagram while as a trainer, she makes in between $42,000 to $73,000.

Alex Bozinovski’s Body Measurements

Regarding Alex Bozinovski’s body measurements, he looks tall and buff with a shredded body. He stands tall at 5 feet 9 inches. Similarly, he has black hair with the same colored eyes.

Quick Facts: Alex Bozinovski

  • Alex competes as an amateur national physique committee member.
  • The Sagittarius graduated from the Eli Board School of Business at Michigan State University in 2018.

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Alex Bozinovski Dating, Girlfriend, Net Worth, Earnings, Facts, Wiki-Bio (2024)
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