Celine Dion Makes Surprise NHL Draft Appearance to Announce Pick for Her Hometown Team (2024)

Celine Dion was feeling the excitement during her appearance at the 2024 NHL Draft.

The Canadian singer surprised fans while taking the stage at the event to announce the Montreal Canadiens’ selection of Ivan Demidov as the draft’s fifth overall pick on Friday. Dion hails from Charlemagne, Quebec, which is just outside of Montreal, and has previously posted her support for the team on social media.

“Good evening, everyone,” Dion told the crowd before quipping, “I’m excited — not even a hockey mom.” She added, “With the fifth overall selection in the 2024 NFL draft, the Montreal Canadiens are proud to select Ivan Demidov.”

During a press conference that followed, Demidov marveled at getting his name called by the music legend. “It’s unbelievable,” said the 18-year-old Russian-born hockey player, adding it was “like a movie.” When asked if he was familiar with Dion, Demidov confirmed with a laugh that he knows her music: “I watched the movie Titanic.”

The next day, Dion took to Instagram to post a carousel of photos from the draft, including a shot of herself with her family, and she thanked the NHL for taking good care of them.

Earlier this month, Dion attended the New York City premiere of her Prime Video documentary feature I Am: Celine Dion, which focuses on her journey in recent years with stiff-person syndrome.

Dion told The Hollywood Reporter at the premiere, “A lot of people in the world are suffering or alone or wondering, and I hope that this documentary gives an opportunity to people, first of all, to let them know that I am here — as a mother, as an artist, as a woman, as an ambassador, in a way of, I want to help people.”

Celine Dion Makes Surprise NHL Draft Appearance to Announce Pick for Her Hometown Team (2024)
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